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Join our Planning Committee

Become part of an acclaimed group of passionate and talented people,
dedicated to honoring heroes both past and present!


The Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb is organized by a non-compensated, all-volunteer planning committee of over 40 passionate and talented people!

The event vision is created and planning decisions are made by the Steering Committee - the Event Director and four Assistant Event Directors. Assistant Event Directors are responsible for event-wide areas, managing workload delegated to directors and coordinators. These positions are perpetual - running year-round - and require a substantial commitment of time and effort.

Director and Coordinator positions are filled annually and require a minimum of a one-year commitment.

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Both the nature and notoriety of this event require commitment to excellence in event planning and operations, therefore thorough consideration should be given to serving on the planning committee. Most roles require a significant effort and large time commitment, and all roles should be treated with the same respect as a paying job.  

Individuals who serve in these positions must meet the expectations outlined in their role description and must follow event rules and policies as outlined in the volunteer handbook. In addition to attendance at meetings, planning committee members are required to commit the time and energy necessary to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Planning Committee members are required to attend a planner orientation day, all Saturday planning meetings, the volunteer training day, event set-up, the event, event tear-down, and the after-event review. Each committee member is also required to submit a written report for inclusion into the final after-event review.


Planning Committee members are unable to climb the day of the event due to their responsibilities to event operations. However, all event planners are invited to climb together on September 11th each year. 

For more information, please contact our Recruiting Committee at:

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