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Honor Guard Participants

The Dallas 9/11 Memorial is an incredibly symbolic event that provides an annual opportunity to remember fallen first responders, especially those lost on 9/11.    This remembrance and commemoration of the sacrifices of the 343 firefighters, 70 law enforcement officers and 9 EMS workers who perished at the World Trade Center would not be possible without the help of our Honor Guard Participants!

Honor Guard Participants are required to be ready and at the building from

6:30am until Noon on September 9, 2023.    

Once registered, you will be contacted by our Symbolic Elements Coordinator with additional details.

If you would like to Register as an Honor Guard Participant, please click the link below!

The Honor Guard must have the strength to withstand overwhelming emotions when they are called upon to serve in times of tragedy.
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Anyone who has ever witnessed a memorial service for military personnel, a firefighter or law enforcement officer who died in the line of duty surely has been struck by the magnitude of the symbolism and ceremony of the event. It is at once awe-inspiring, achingly beautiful, impressively intricate and charged with emotion. Being a part of the event is a sacred and heavy burden to bear for those who wear the Honor Guard uniforms and who must perform with the utmost precision, reverence and respect. 

Members must have the strength and character of forged steel to withstand the overwhelming force of emotion and symbolism when they’re called upon to serve in times of tragedy.

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