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Timeline of Events

The events of the Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb are carefully, and respectfully, choreographed to the actual timeline of the events of September 11th, 2001.

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Schedule of Events


8:00 am   Group Photo

8:11 am   Opening Ceremony

8:20 am   Opening Remarks by Event Director

8:25 am   Presentation of Colors

8:30 am   Star Spangled Banner

8:33 am   Invocation

8:36 am   5-5-5-5 Bell Ceremony

8:40 am   Keynote Address

8:46 am   Moment of Silence

                 North Tower Hit by Flight 11

8:47 am   Climb begins

9:03 am   Moment of Silence

                 South Tower Hit by Flight 175

9:37 am   Moment of Silence

                 Pentagon hit by Flight 77

9:59 am   Moment of Silence

                 South Tower Collapses

10:03 am Moment of Silence

                 Flight 93 Crashes in Shanksville, PA

10:28 am Moment of Silence

                 North Tower Collapses

12:00 pm The final climbers finish the climb

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