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Parking for the Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Annual Events is proudly provided by Fountain Place and Laz Parking. Please see below for available parking areas for each group of guests. All parking is free the day of the event.

  • Climbers & Volunteers:  Fountain Place parking garage at 1540 Munger Avenue Dallas TX 75202. The garage clearance beyond the first floor is 7' (seven feet).            No parking on the first floor of the garage.

  • In-Service First Responder Vehicles:  Laz Parking lot #178 which is across the street from Fountain Place at 1315 Ross Ave Dallas TX 75202. This lot will have volunteers attending it at all times and will be available for in-service vehicles to be able to enter and leave quickly.

  • Guests and Over-sized Vehicles :  2 parking lots to choose from. Laz Parking lot #46 at 611 N. Field Street Dallas TX 75202 and Laz Parking lot #42 at 500 N. Field St Dallas TX 75202.

If you have questions about day-of parking, please contact us!

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