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Planning Committee

The Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Planning Committee is comprised of four levels of committed and talented volunteers. Each level and role has different experience and commitment requirements.  

Those that serve on the Planning Committee passionately share the vision of the event and use their role as an opportunity to utilize existing and build new passions and talents.

All members of the committee work together throughout the year to create and execute an event aimed at excellence.


Planning for the climb is extensive.  The chart above illustrates the forty-five (45) unique roles that must be filled each year to ensure the event's success. 


The Event Director creates and facilitates the event vision, ensures that the committee is guided by event values, and follows adopted rules and policies. To ensure the continuity of the event, the Event Director should serve at least three years.  The ultimate success for the event rests on the Event Director.   

Assistant Event Directors are responsible for event-wide areas of responsibility which include Admin/Support, Operations, Finance, and Participants, and the Brotherhood Bash. Assistant Event Director positions are considered upper-level management positions and require an extensive commitment that is comparable to a part-time job. Assistant Event Director terms are perpetual (year-after-year) and serve at the will of the Event Director. The average time commitment given to the event by Assistant Event Directors is three years. Since these areas of responsibility are rather large, they are divided into more manageable areas that are facilitated by assistants given the title Director or Coordinator. The Assistant Event Director position serves as a successor to the Event Director role.

Directors oversee specific areas of responsibility. They supervise multiple roles within their areas and are considered mid-level management positions. Director positions often require considerable effort and commitment as well as previous experience in the same or related field. Director roles require a minimum commitment of one year, however, to better serve the needs of the event, individuals serving in Director roles should be open to the possibility of serving in the role for more than one year. Successful Directors serve as successors to Assistant Event Director roles.

Coordinators work under the supervision of Assistant Event Directors or Directors and are responsible for very specific areas and sets of tasks. Because there must be planning involved in these areas and the tasks vary, the required commitment varies, too. Some Coordinators may supervise volunteers during the event. Event Coordinators must serve a minimum of one year but are encouraged to serve more than one year to ensure continuity within that area. Successful Coordinators serve as successors to Director roles.

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