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Registration Rules

The following rules attempt to make registration as fair and equitable as possible to all who wish to participate. Any situation not covered in these rules should be directed to the Director of Participants ( The Director of Participants along with the Steering Committee will make any decisions regarding interpretations of these rules.


There will be no exceptions to the rules below.


  • Marketing for this year’s event will begin in mid-May.

  • Only active duty (paid or volunteer) firefighters, active duty police officers (paid or reserve), and active duty EMS only (paid or volunteer AND not affiliated in any way with a fire department) will be allowed to register and climb in the event.

  • Only individual registrations will be accepted. Team registrations are not available. It is acceptable to have someone other than the climber complete registration if the climber is unable to do so upon registration opening.

  • Registration for the climb will open on July 1st at 8:00am and close once all 343 firefighter, 70 law enforcement, and 9 EMS spots are filled.  Due to building limitations, and feedback from previous climbers, we are lowering the number of climbers we will allow this year. A wait list will be posted on the website where climbers will be moved into open climb spots as they become available.   Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a spot to climb. 

  • The registration homepage is accessed via “Climb Participant” on the homepage or “Get Involved” in the navigation bar located on

  • The registration cost is $65.00 plus transaction fees and covers required event expenses such as event insurance and administration costs as well as the participant t-shirt, Challenge Coin and trinket.  All sales are final and registration fees will not be refunded if you are unable to participate.

  • Climbers wishing to represent a particular public safety officer or company must indicate this during the registration process and should follow-up with their Participant Coordinator. The guidelines used to grant these requests are prioritized based on the type of connection and on a case-by-case basis. Requests with the closest connections (such as a family member, close friend, or station connection) have higher priority.

  • While not required, climbers are encouraged to collect pledges of at least $1.00 per floor.  Climbers are highly encouraged to collect these pledges through their online pledge page which should be created after completing the registration process. Participants will receive an email with a link to their pledge page and instructions on how to customize it.  Outside of the transaction fees associated with the pledge, the beneficiary receives 100% of all pledge monies collected. More information on our beneficiary is available on our website. Any money raised through the Dallas 9/11 Stair Climb fundraising platform will go to this beneficiary, there will be no exceptions to this rule.  If you would like to raise funds for another charity, you may do so outside of the DSC fundraising platform. 

  • Due to high participation demand, registration may fill up in less than an hour.

  • All climbers should consult their physician and be engaged in an adequate physical conditioning program prior to the event.

  • Participants must agree to the event rules and sign a liability waiver and photo release.

  • Registrants should receive, print, and completely read the confirmation email(s) AND any links and attachments as they contain important information, including what to expect next in the process.

  • No substitutions or transfers will be allowed.

  • In the instance a registered climber can no longer participate, his/her vacancy will be filled by a climber from our wait list. Please notify your assigned Participant Coordinator immediately if you are unable to climb.

  • Wait list moves are placed in the order that their information was received.

A sanctioned event of the Association of Memorial Stair Climbs
PO BOX 560171 The Colony, Texas  75056 ◆

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