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Train to Climb

Training Tip 1:

Circuit Training

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Start off slow. 

Use circuit training to help prepare fo the climb...include elements of both cardio and strength training.  If you are not currently engaged in a workout routine then modify the following so that you begin with a routine that takes you just slightly out of your comfort zone.

Pace / Sets / Reps 

For those already involved in a workout routine, begin by jogging three 1/4 to 1/2 mile intervals at 5.5mph with 7.5% grade or better.  In between intervals do three sets of different strength training exercises that includes at least one exercise that includes multiple muscle groups and movements.  
Each set should be high intensity and high reps (16+).  You should be out of breath when you complete all reps.  

For example, I do something with dumbbells called squat-curls.  Begin with feet shoulder width apart in the squatting position, dumbbells at your side.  Stand straight up and then curl the dumbells.  

The workout should look something like:
1/2 mile at 5.6mph at 8.5%
20 squat - curls
16 lat pull downs
8 individual / 8 together standing shoulder press
1/2 mile at 5.5mph at 8.0%
18 squat - curls
16 lat pull downs
8 individual / 8 together standing shoulder press
1/4 mile at 5.5mph at 7.5% 
16 squat - curls
12 lat pull downs
8 individual / 6 together standing shoulder press
cool down

Training Tip 2:

 Going The Distance  

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Good job so start pushing yourself.
Climbing 110 flights of stairs is mainly a question of endurance, not strength.   Begin to focus less on the weights and more on the stairmaster / treadmill / etc. 

Before you get started, get started.
Consuming the right kind of "fuel" is the most critical component of your ability to produce results.  Give yourself high-octane (healthy) fuel in order to maximize your performance.
Don't be scared to sweat...for a long time. 
Be sure to pre-hyrdate several hours before your workout.  You should dedicate yourself to constant movement during your hour-long workout, stopping only to catch your breath or rehydrate.   

You can do this...and music can help!
What kind of music motivates you?  Would listening to bagpipes playing during the last ten minutes of your workout encourage you to go the distance?  Endurance training is almost all mental...put your mind to it and you can do it!  Don't forget to grab a piece of fruit after your workout to replentish those simple carbs!

Training Tip 3:

Practice like you Play

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The heat is on!  
If you have been preparing for the climb the last couple of months you should be in decent shape by now...but climbing 110 flights of stairs still isn't going to be easy (especially in bunker gear).  You already know that our gear traps your body's heat and beats you down...making the trek even harder.  

If you plan on doing the climb in your gear, don't let September 11th be the first time!  Caution: Climbing in gear should not be attempted unless you are healthy, fit and hydrated.  Just as you would for the day of the climb, ensure that you have pre-hydrated, that you stay hydrated while you climb and that someone is with you.  And just as the day of the climb, climbing 110 floors is not a race in practice...what matters most is that everyone finishes.

Are you training to climb? Send pics of you training to to be featured on our website & social media accounts!

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